Workshop on GitHub

Workshop on GitHub

6a00d8341c767353ef016762f7c808970b-800wiAs a part of technical skills development as well as awarness of latest trends and technologies, XIS have decided to arrange workshops everymonth that would lead to our developers’ technical development as well as raising overall coding and quality standards of our team.

On this Saturday August 3 2013, There was a workshop arranged for our Team on Use of Git Github for managing project files more securely and collaboratively.

The task of hosting and presenting the workshop was assigned to one of web developer Nandni Bhudiya, who already works on our major website development projects.

We discussed git and had a step by step presentation by Nandni explaining the Github Basics as well as practically showed how a Repo is created, or cloned or forked, and other major basics.

The workshop went quite well and it was a good jumpstart for our web developers as well as designers and I Should appreciate Nandni’s efforts who prepared the presentation in a well formatted manner.