Must have skills of a so called “Coder”

Must have skills of a so called “Coder”

Are you a website developer, or a software developer, or a game developer? or Aspiring to become one soon?

Today in technical field talent has become a major part in deciding your career (and not your Degree, Yes). So as a Fresher or even as an experienced coder/developer you will require to set certain personal goals.

Here are the checklist you must ensure you have most of them or all:

Intellect: Can understand the problem, translate and express ideas in clear and readable code. Should have analytical and logical mind.

Personality: The right mixture of personal traits (detail-oriented vs creative, flexible vs disciplined, sociable vs independent)

Expertise: Knowledge and experience for solving a problem in the specific context with chosen technologies.

Motivation: Cares about work, shows enthusiasm, interest and love for programming

Maturity: Knows and uses sound software development principles, practices and approaches as agile, design and architecture patterns, domain-driven design, unit testing and refactoring

Pragmatism: Understands what is possible, loves simplicity and avoids over-engineering. Understands business goals, keeps touch with reality and focus on what should be done.

Cooperation: Listens and accepts that other people could have better ideas. Supports team goals without hidden agenda, shares ideas and knowledge and coaches others.

Communication: Effectively communicates and exchanges ideas, supports knowledge and decisions about the system with clear explanations, justifications and answers.

Potential: Has professional goals, good learning skills, curiosity, and adaptability. Must perform constant self correction.

Vision: Sees the big picture, understands context, trends and people, aligns actions with team and company goals, and contributes to building shared vision for the software system.